Hello. You’re very welcome to this fledgling website, which I hope will develop with time. It will remain simple, however, because that is the way that its subject, who is determinedly low-tech, prefers it. I don’t yet really know how to programme a DVD or even how to fully operate a mobile phone, let alone send a text. I have recently signed up to Facebook, and I am learning how it works. See below. So why did I set it… ...

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Every so often one comes across a diary where it is the sense of personality behind it that lift it out of the ordinary: such a diary is that of Captain Charlie May

David Crane Author of 'Empires of the Dead'

The diary of Captain Charlie May provides a fascinating insight into the mind of a young British officer. It is peppered with intriguing insights, acute observations and the hectic, heart-stopping flurries of nocturnal trench raids

Robin Cross Author of the bestselling ‘VE-Day’

A recent audio interview about Charlie May is available below.

Recent Writings

A selection of my recent work. The first two items are my books while the third links to a selection of articles from various sources.