Hello. You’re very welcome to this fledgling website, which I hope will develop with time.

It will remain simple, however, because that is the way that its subject, who is determinedly low-tech, prefers it. I don’t yet really know how to programme a DVD or even how to fully operate a mobile phone, let alone send a text. I have recently signed up to Facebook, and I am learning how it works. See below.

So why did I set it up? Well, because this seems to be the way of the future, particularly if you are a writer. Instead of referring potential commissioning editors to press cuttings sent in hard copy or to newspaper and journal websites that are often subscription only, I can now refer them to a website to which I hope the reaction will be generous.

And there is that other thing called Wikipedia. I am told that whenever someone tries to Google me they get a combination of Gerry and the Pacemakers and George Harrison. But there are three ‘Gerry Harrisons’ already there, and I don’t think there is room for a fourth.

One is the Gerry who once happened to be working for the same employer, London Weekend Television, as me except that he was in Sport and I was in Arts. We occasionally received each other’s post, but his was always more interesting than mine. And, I heard it said that when later I was making sports documentaries for Central Television and he was Head of Sport for Anglia, he was sometimes the recipient of a third party’s reaction, good and bad.

The second is the Gerry, whose photograph in a team line-up of Bristol City from ‘Shoot’ magazine was pinned on our kitchen noticeboard. And below it there was our name. When people asked why this was displayed, I replied that it showed what I was up to on Saturday afternoons. Only if they looked closer they would discover that this Gerry has a darker skin than mine. I used to follow his career, but lost track of the different clubs that he played for.

The third is a member of that great band, ‘Talking Heads’. This Gerry is sometimes spelt Jerry (for Jeremiah instead of Geronimo), which is a problem that we all share. To be honest I am not sure which spelling is correct for this fine musician, although Wikipedia has him with a ‘J’.

So there are the others, on Wikipedia, but I will be content with a modest website. Please read on.